We offer a tool lots of other Credit Restoration Specialists do not offer. This tool is the Global Credit Help “School of Credit” education system.

We came to realize that a lot of people do not understand how the credit system actually operates and how they can use it to their benefit long term. The School of Credit platform is something we are currently in the alpha stages of building that you could gain exclusive access to prior to it becoming massively available to the public.

On this platform are/will be all of our tools and resources available to you: video lessons, webinars, lesson tracking, and many more features. If you would like to get in on the ground floor and maybe even provide some feedback as to what you’d like to see done with the platform, we encourage it! We already have several alpha testers signed up already and you could join them!

Are you an Alpha Tester and already have an account?

Benefits of Credit Education

With our School of Credit lessons, you will learn:

How to embody a name that creditors can trust.

How to better manage debt, including student loans

The importance of paying your bills on time.

Options to make your payments more affordable.

Options available to you to build credit faster than ever.

How the credit system works and how to make it work in your favor.

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