Credit Restoration System

Are you in need of credit restoration? Give me just a few minutes, and I’ll show you why tens of thousands of people who have gone through personal credit and debt challenges are currently abandoning their dead-end credit fixing methods for my Global Credit Help Credit Restoration System.

A few years ago I was having the same troubles. I went through a whole lot of personal credit and debt challenges. Collection agencies sued me, and I was going to court. However, instead of letting them get more default judgments, I had to learn about the laws and statutes of debt collection and credit reporting. Finally, I was able to conquer the horrible situation.

I’ve spent the past 9 years developing this system while helping people the entire way. Allow me to share with you the wealth of knowledge and experience I amassed during my turbulent times, which will help you understand how the credit world works, and more importantly, why YOU can fix your credit, no matter how bad it is.

Darvin Moore

Credit Monitoring with Identity IQ

The first step in our journey is to sign up with IdentityIQ.
This will allow us to view your report and formulate a Custom Tailored
Credit Restoration Plan to tackle whatever we find.

How Much Does It Cost?

$1 for a 7 Day Trial

$21.99/mo After That

16.7 million consumers have been impacted by identity theft

On average, identity theft victims suffer over $1K in fraud and countless hours of stress. Our team of U.S.-based customer service experts and restoration specialists is ready to step in and help when you need protection most.

More than 1.5 billion personal records have been exposed in data breaches

Data breaches have exposed most Americans to some form of identity theft. IdentityIQ services monitor your PII (personally identifiable information) and alert you of fraudulent activity. If your data is ever compromised, we help restore your identity and provide identity theft insurance to assist with costs you incur.

Identity thieves use stolen information within minutes

Identity theft moves at the speed of technology, giving thieves the ability to use your information within minutes. We monitor and scan billions of records to notify you of certain suspicious activity.

Why Sign Up for Identity IQ?

For more information on any of the subjects listed below,
please visit Identity IQ’s website.

Credit Reporting & Score Alerts

Dark Web Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Identity Restoration

Enhanced Credit Monitoring

PII & Data Breah Monitoring

Identity Theft Insurance

Family Protection

Custom Tailored Credit Restoration Plan

Once we have access to your report, we will be able to figure out what options and tools will be available for us to use to repair and build your credit. We will prepare a plan for you and begin the process of repairing your credit!

Tools & Resources

Whether you need to repair or build your credit,
or even if you need funding, we can help you!

Take a look at just a few of the tools
& resources that we offer!

Credit Coaching

Credit Monitoring

Cheat Sheet

Dispute & Removal Letters

“We Do It All” Program

School of Credit